Beerkit is the secret to brewing beer successfully for the first time

If you want to make your own beer at home, Beerkit will help you brew beer successfully for the first time.

The perfect choice for beginners: Beerkit

Beer Kit consists of a single tin of hopped malt extract and a sachet of yeast. With this kit, you will brew a homemade beer from malt and hops extract. You will not have to perform the steps of empatage and filtration, which are the most complex. It will also allow you to have a faster brewing process. In short, with this kit, you will have a 99% chance of succeeding your 20 liters craft beer. 

We have many recipes for beer kits which fit all. Click here to see more.

Beerkit products which are distributed by ABV Beer Shop

Beerkits are being distributed exclusively by ABV Beer Shop. We bring unique beer flavors in many craft beer styles in the world to conquer the taste of every homebrewer.

Barley Wine

An extra strong beer for the special occasion – drink unchilled to fully appreciate its rich body and flavor. Not a wine but named for its strength, this extra strong beer is perfect for special occasions – served by the nip. 

  • OG: 1060° – 1064°
  • ABV(% vol.): ~6.0%
  • Brewing Volume (L): 13.6L/ 24 pints
  • Color: Reddish Amber

Export Stout

Export Stout -Strong and full of body, serve chilled to appreciate this very dark, very hoppy stout. You don’t have to be a genius to enjoy this beer. 

  • OG: 1040° – 1044°
  • ABV(% vol.): 4.6%
  • Brewing Volume (L): 23L/ 40 pints
  • Color: Rich dark stout

Wheat Beer

Made from a careful balance of wheat and barley malt, this is a crisp refreshing, distinctive beer. To enjoy at its prime, serve chilled with a squeeze of lemon or lime. 

  • OG: 1040° – 1044°
  • ABV(% vol.): 4.6%
  • Brewing Volume (L): 23L/ 40 pints
  • Color: Pale light amber

Export Pilsner

Originating from Bohemia. This is a full-bodied lager for the more discerning palate. At its best when served chilled. 

  • OG: 1040° – 1044° 
  • ABV(% vol.): ~4.6%
  • Brewing Volume (L): 23L/ 40 pints
  • Color: Pale Golden Yellow

IPA Bitter

IPA Bitter is a light, delicately balanced beer. Originally brewed for consumption in India, it is an ideal thirst-quencher. 

  • OG: 1040° – 1044° 
  • ABV(% vol.): ~4.6%
  • Brewing Volume (L): 23L/ 40 pints
  • Color: Bright amber

Nut Brown Ale

Nut Brown Ale – Dark and smooth, a brown ale with a slightly “nutty” character. To really enjoy this ale served at cellar temperature.

  • OG: 1040° – 1044° 
  • ABV(% vol.): ~4.6%
  • Brewing Volume (L): 23L/ 40 pints
  • Color: Deep brown ale

A simple guide to brew beer at home

Before starting to brew beer, you need to prepare the homebrewing kit which includes the essential equipment. Click here to see more.

With 6 simple and easy steps, anyone can make great beer with Beerkit. Note that, when you are not proficient in brewing beer, you need to patiently follow the instructions as well as ensure the brewing process.

Click here to see the detailed homebrewing process.

Step 1: Pour the Beerkit into the fermentation bucket, add 3.5 liters of hot water.

Step 2: Add sugar and cold water 

Adding 1kg of sugar then stir well. After the mixture has dissolved, I will add 17.5 liters of cold water to make the mixture 20 – 23 liters. The temperature of the mixture reaches the fermentation temperature of 18 – 21 degrees Celsius.

Step 3: Pitch Yeast. I will use the yeast sachet available in the beerkit box, sprinkle directly on the mixture surface.

Step 4: Fermentation

You will observe that when fermentation starts, the water column in the airlock will appear bubbling. After 5-6 days, when the bubble stops raising we will fill beer in the bottles for second fermentation.

Step 5: Bottling

You need to add sugar to start the secondary fermentation then put beer into the bottle. You can buy carbonation drops at here.

Step 6: Secondary fermentation 

After about 2-3 weeks of secondary fermentation, you can drink the finished beer. After 14-21 days to ferment, you can enjoy your homemade beer. 

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