Holiday Season Set

The holiday season is finally here. Let’s celebrate your friends and family with sweet sentiments and Christmas drinks that capture the season.

We offer the diverse list below as a guide to some of my seasonal drinks and hope they bring delight to your holiday season:​​

Snow Stout

– Château Pilsen 2 RS: 2.9 kg
– Château Wheat Blanc: 0.9 kg

– Magnum: 14g
– Styrian Golding: 14g
– Trident: 14g
– Bitter Orange Peels: 20g
– Coriander: 8g

Yeast: SafAle WB-06

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Santa Wheat

– Château Pilsen 2RS 2.4 kg
– Château Cara Ruby® 0.4 kg
– Château Roasted Barley 0.1 kg
– Château Chocolat. 0.6 kg
– Château Abbey 0.9 kg

– Hallertau Mittelfruh: 60g

Yeast: SafAle S-04

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Hoppy Christmas

Extra Pale Pilsner 5,6kg
Carabelge 0,25kg
Caramunich III 0,1kg

Simcoe 100g 

Safale US-05 11.5g

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Belgian Christmas

Chateau Pilsen 3kg
Chateau Munich 1kg
Chateau Crystal 0,6kg
Chateau Café Light 0,6kg

US Chinook 15g 
US Cascade 15g 
Perle 5g 

Safale T-58

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Cider Set

– Each set includes:

  • 4 Liters fruit concentrate
  • 1 Safcider 5g

– 3 selections taste: Apple, Passion Fruit, Mulberry

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