Instructions for clean and disinfect brewing equipment

One of the essentials to brewing beer successfully is that all equipment must be cleaned and disinfected. ABV will guide homebrewers how to clean and disinfect brewing equipment in a simple and effective way! 

What if the brewing equipment is not clean?

Cleaning and disinfecting brewing equipment is extremely important for craft beer. Because otherwise, the dirty surface of the equipment can come into contact with the wort, which will produce microorganisms that affect the quality of beer. For example: 

  • Beer is contaminated with microorganisms that cause damage to beer 
  • Change the taste like sour beer, separate foam,…
  • Reduced alcohol or no alcohol
  • Occurrence of undesirable flavors (off-flavor)

Steps to clean and disinfect

Step 1: Clean

Soak equipment in cleaning solution for a few minutes

Washes with clean water and let it dry 

Step 2: Disinfection

Add water and disinfectant with the ratio according to the instructions

Make sure the disinfectant solution evenly coats inside surface of equipments

Soak equipment in disinfectant solution for at least 60 seconds

Washes with clean water and let it dry 

ABV Beer Shop suggests homebrewers can choose two popular disinfectants: chemipro oxygen and oxonia.

Chemipro Oxi can be used to disinfect and deodorize beer brewing equipment. The usage is very simple and the composition is eco-friendly. 

Oxonia is mainly used to eliminate bacteria and kill mold. You should preserve oxonia in a closed container, in a cool place, away from direct light and high temperature. 

If you are learning about craft beer or want to try making your delicious beer, contact ABV Beer Shop – a trusted destination for homebrewers! 

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