Lager – the world’s favorite style of beer 

People often see industrial beer produced in the style of Lager beer. So what’s so different about this style of craft beer, is it worth brewing? ABV Beer Shop will share more about the unique features of Lager-style beer recipes! 

Features of Lager Beer

Lager is the most popular beer in the world because of its relatively low alcohol content of about 4-6% ABV, providing a balanced taste between the aroma of malt and the bitterness of hops.

Lager beer ranges in color from pale straw yellow to very dark. But in general, the beer lines are highly refreshing with a smooth bitter taste and a refreshing drinking feeling. That’s also why most of the big beer brands make lager beer.

Easy to drink lager is also relatively easy for homebrewers to try. However, with the submerged fermentation beer, homebrewers have to wait longer for the fermentation process or store the beer at a cold temperature for a period of time, but surely, your lager beer will reach perfection.

Some beer recipes are popular of Lager Beer Style

Lager has three different versions: Pale Lager at light level, Amber Lager medium and Dark Lager relatively strong. In which, there are many recipes from the cradle of world beer – Germany such as Bock, Dunkel, Marzen/Oktoberfest, Maibock, Doppelbock,… In Vietnam, Pilsner is the most popular Lager craft beer.

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Refreshing and thirst-quenching with its high carbonate content, Pilsner is the perfect summer pick. This beer usually has an iridescent straw yellow color, memorable hops bitterness with a hint of sweetness. 

German Pilsner and European-Style Pilsener are relatively similar in color to yellow beer, the aroma and taste of hops is quite clear and the high alcohol content. Bohemian Pilsner favors darker colors such as pale amber, balancing the aroma, bitterness of hops with sweet malt.

American Lager

Not too prominent flavors of hops and malt, no malt sweetness, very light body and color, but American Lager still impresses with rich beer taste, very refreshing to enjoy.

American Amber Lager

American Amber Lager has a wide range of colors from amber to reddish brown. They have a medium body, a slight caramel sweetness from the aroma of the beer. Homebrewers can adjust the hops to create your beer that is bitter, has a strong aroma or just enough for anyone to enjoy.

Vienna Style Lager

This beer also has a long color range from amber to reddish brown, moderate body. Vienna Style Lager is characterized by aroma, light sweetness of malt and toasted notes by using lightly toasted or roasted malt. 


Traditional Bock beer has an extremely strong malt flavor with a high malt sweetness. The aroma of hops in this beer is not too obvious because it is not used much. Bock has a beer color range from dark copper to dark brown. Fruit esters can be felt but at low levels.

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