5 Beginner-Friendly Homebrew Styles

One of the things that new homebrewers dread about is the complexity of the recipe. So, which style of beer should you choose to easily get a delicious beer from the start that anyone can try?

According to ABV Beer Shop, there are 5 styles of beer that are perfect for beginners with simple beer recipes, easy brewing process and high success rates. Moreover, these styles are suitable for cooking at any time of the year. 

Wheat Ale

Wheat Ale is a popular beer, easy-drinking beer style with ABV 3.5 – 5.6, IBU 10 – 35. This beer is characterized by a light to medium body, neutral fermentation and moderate hop character with different bitterness.

There are two versions for this style of beer from the US and Germany, in which the difference is in the use of yeast. The German style uses more subtle hops, while the American version has a more distinctive hop structure.

Wheat Ale has a light malt taste, aroma and can satisfy even the most demanding beer drinkers. This is the perfect beer style for spring and summer, but you can enjoy it at many other times of the year.

Amber Ale

Amber Ale features American hops, amber color, citrus fruit aromas and pine to balance the sweetness of the malt. This style uses hops with a relatively low alpha acid concentration, so the beer is less bitter and still aromatic. Beer has ABV 4.4 – 6.1, IBU 25 – 45.

This beer exhibits a medium to high malt character and a medium to low caramel character by using roasted malt. Amber Ale fermented at warmer temperatures and for a much shorter time than lager beer.

Brown Ale

Brown Ale is a very simple style beer that can be a great choice recipe for new homebrewers. This beer has a low to medium taste and aroma of roasted malt, caramel and chocolate and a medium to high bitterness with ABV 4.2 – 6.3, IBU 25 – 45.

Like Amber Ale, both are well balanced but Brown Ale has a slightly darker color due to the use of more darker malts. This beer has a light to medium body and is especially suitable for year-round drinking.

Pale Ale

With ABV 4.4 – 5.4, IBU 30 – 50, Pale Ale is one of the easiest beer styles to drink. This beer has a medium sweetness with low to medium caramel with floral, fruity, citrus-like, pine-like aromas.

Pale Ale uses hops strongly and will be the choice of those who love to enjoy the unique taste of hops. Depending on the style of beer, hops will likely be added at various intervals during the boiling process to create bitterness, flavor, and aroma.

The more pronounced use of hops gives the beer its character, while still neutralizing the balance between malt and florals. This is also the detail that helps this beer recipe to be chosen by newbies to try.


Whether you try Porter with the American recipe or the British version, this is still a suitable beer for beginners because it is also one of the easiest beers to make. Deep in the aroma of Porter’s roasted malt and dark beer, if there are unwanted scents, it is difficult to recognize.

Porter is a dark brown, almost black color due to the fact that it is made from barley that is roasted very carefully and undergoes a slow fermentation process. Porter can have a sweet and hop flavor that varies depending on the amount of malt and hops used. 

Hope homebrewers have more interesting brewing experiences as well as enjoy the unique characteristics of different beers!

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