What’s the perfect beer style for you?

What style of beer is your favorite craft beer? Let’s talk about popular beer styles to choose your favorite flavor and make your own beer at home!

What is beer style?

Craft beer brings out the individual style of its creator. Brewers can brew beer in many styles to create different flavors. They create with many ingredients, which are thousands of fruits, aromas, and herbs. In particular, the distinctive imprints of each region can also become creative materials to create unique beer flavors that are not available everywhere.

Beer style is distinct and classified according to color, taste, strength, ingredients, production method, recipe, history, provenance and drinking sensation. In which, taste includes the degree of bitterness of beer due to bitter agents such as hops, roasted barley or herbs; and sweetness from the sugar found in beer.

Popular craft beer styles

If you are a person with high taste, like to try new things, craft beer will definitely bring you an interesting experience.


The mild, easy-to-drink flavor is the hallmark of this beer. The Pale Ale style is considered a lighter drink for craft beer enthusiasts, but is an easier drinkable option for those who love milder flavors and moderate alcohol. The main ingredient in the production of this beer is barley, which is harmoniously mixed with other ingredients from hops, vinegar, water, etc. The most popular beer of Pale Ale is India Pale Ale (IPA). 

Main flavors: citrus, berry, tropical fruit, biscuit, grassy


This style of beer from Belgium often relies on a harmonious combination of yeast and spices. Some beers have bright colors, bar flavors like pale, single and triple. Others will be quite bold in color and beer body – the density and consistency of beer like dubbel, quadruple.

Main flavors: warm, lightly sweet, toffee, caramel, nuts


Most beers will use 100% malted barley. However, with Wheat, this style of beer will incorporate 40-60% wheat for a lighter, fresher and clearer taste.

Main flavors: banana, citrus, coriander


Using dark hops as the main ingredient, these beers all have a mysterious, eye-catching dark brown color. The next feature is that they all use malts that are thoroughly roasted and slow-fermented to create an indelible flavor. Red, Amber and Brown has a beer body from light to medium. Porter and Stout has a beer body from medium to heavy. 

Main flavors: toffee, caramel, chocolate, coffee, toast


With bright colors, distinct sweetness and bitterness, and a low alcohol, lager and pilsner are craft beers that are the “friends of everyone”. Anyone can enjoy this beer.

Main flavors: citrus, herb, caramel

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